A major highlight of our Summer 2014 was going along to Forest Schools which was organised by our local Sure Start centre and funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.


We could only make three of the five weeks but the boys had an awesome time getting up to all sorts of outdoor fun.



I think it is amazing for the boys to have the  opportunity to light fires and chop up wood in a safe environment without too much close supervision, as such fantastic safety training is provided to give them (and parents) the confidence to leave them to it.hanging out

There was also crafts and worksheets to look at if this is your thing but these two were just happy getting down and dirty in the wood chopping and fire building.


it was also great to see the innovative way you can cook on an open campfire.

We made tortilla pizzas (tortillas folded over and pan fried with cheese, peppers, pasta sauce, mushrooms and salami), vegetable chilli with quorn mince and vegetables, popcorn (two sieves fastened together held the kernels!) and bananas filled with chocolate buttons and wrapped in tin foil then baked in the fire. YUMMMMMMY!

Thank you to Hem from Green Scene Forest Schools – you can like them on Facebook here and everyone at SureStart Rural Families for such a fantastic and worthwhile project.

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15 Responses to Forest Schools

  1. Liz Turgoose says:

    this looks brilliant!

  2. This made me miss camping so much as we are suppose to go last Saturday & Sunday but my tummy is aching. #coiuntrykids

  3. Notmyyearoff says:

    The cooking looks amazing and I bet it tasted so much better than home cooked food 🙂

  4. Coombemill says:

    forest schools reminds me of the scouting movement, they always seem to be having a lovely time cooking outdoors and learning about nature. Lovely photos of a very happy boy, that hammock looks really great too. Thank you for sharing on country Kids.

  5. We used to take Monkey when he was really young to Forest School and he loved it. But then we moved away from Wimbledon Common and I haven’t thought to look at somewhere near us now! But I will. I didn’t realise they did so much for older children. Your boys looks like they had an ace time. And tortilla pizzas – what a great idea! #countrykids

  6. Shell Louise says:

    Sounds brilliant, my two would have loved that!

  7. What an amazing project and great outdoor activities. I bet they loved it 🙂

  8. We’ve learned how to make a den and build a fire, but never done full-on Forest School. My kids would have a ball.

  9. This sounds like you all had a great time – my daughter’s school runs their own forest school and they learn all sorts of forest crafts.

  10. Wow what a great experience for them x

  11. My friend did a Forest School this summer and loved it. Sadly our council has closed our local Sure Start Centre so there is local meeting point anymore.

  12. Sarah Ebner says:

    This looks absolutely brilliant. I know my son would love to do it – he did an outside camp for a day last year and loved that. Great idea

  13. Hi Louise, it looks like your boys had a great time. From a family learning perspective, could you tell me what you got out of it and anything that you learned and/or enjoyed as an adult?
    Regards, Alison

    • Louise says:

      Hi Alison, I loved seeing my children having educational fun in the outdoors in a friendly and safe environment. The activities gave me the confidence to let the boys use (perceived dangerous) tools such as the fire steel and the saws, loppers etc as we learnt how to use them correctly and safely. It was also nice chatting to the Surestart staff and other parents.

  14. Hemendra Headworth says:

    It was a pleasure to have you and your family at the Forest School Sessions at the “Secret Orchard” in Newstead Village that I ran in partnership with Sure Start and Notts. County Council.

    I am glad the enjoyed the cooking sessions and outdoor play.

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