Today Noah, who is 7 going on 17, and I went to join Green Scene Forest Schools ar Brierley Forest Park for a forest school adventure!

I knew it would be guaranteed to be good as we have been to Hem’s Foresr School sessions before and they really are brilliant. Hem is very knowledgeable and would do anything to make your learning experience more enjoyable for all. The boys love being outdoors and add in chopping up wood, lighting fires and cooking food to eat to the mixture you are on to a winner!

Noah was only 5 years old when we did Forest schools before and probably didn’t engage with it as much as he did this time. He was straight into making a fire with the flint and steel in the Kelly Kettle for us all to have a drink!

Before all this Hem gave us lots of safety advice and set out the rules for Forest Schools especially concerning the fire and the knives! Very important especially when there are lots of children around. There was only one other family there but Hem said others had been booked on but hadn’t been able to make it.

Time just flew and before we knew it three hours had passed and we quickly had to pack up. Everyone had had a brilliant afternoon! We had tortilla pizzas cooked on the campfire as a snack to eat to keep us going. It was delicious!

Next week hopefully we will be joined by more families and Ethan will come along too. He has been on a cub walk today so we have all had lots of fresh air and will skeep tonight! 

Have you tried out Forest Schools? Would love to hear if this is your kind of thing!

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  1. I love forest school, I think kids get so much out of it. In fact on my list today is to look into booking a forest school party for my daughter’s 8th birthday! Love your photos.

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