whitepostfarmThe boys absolutely love nothing more then a day at a farm and we have had lots of fun at our local farm White Post as well as lots of other farm days. I think it is really important that children know where there food comes from. Tractor Ted was a firm favourite when the boys were little and we watched all the videos about educating us on where milk, bread etc come from.

I am not alone with wanting to know about  food provenance as the research by Cadbury Chocolate Buttons showed that 73% of parents  also stated that knowing where their food comes from is important to them.

However it turns out that some recent research shows that not all children are as clued up as parents!

I was quite shocked by the statistics that show..

  • One in five children don’t know that milk comes from cows
  • 11% of boys believe milk comes straight from the supermarket
  • almost a third of children believe a cow’s diet includes sandwiches and pizza
  • fifth of five year olds (23 per cent) think that chocolate is made from eggs.


Of course Cadbury want us to know where the glass and a half of milk* used to make each packet of its iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons comes from so they  invited GiovannaFletcher, TV favourite, mum of two and partner of McFly’s Tom Fletcher to take a group of children round a farm in Berkeley, Gloucestershire to meet the farmer (and cows!) and see where milk actually comes from. The video can be viewed here:

I did double check by asking my children these same questions and, although they are a little older than some of the children on the video, am pleased to report they answered correctly!

Do your children know where their milk comes from? The video is quite amusing but also pretty shocking eh!?

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