Recently we had the opportunity to try out gliding! It was actually much less scary than I thought it would be and was really good fun.

The boys had a brilliant time and got to learn a bit more about how the gliders got into the air – which was by a winch that effectively threw the lightweight, unmotorised plane into the air. The guys running the airfield were all very experienced and we felt very safe.

At around the same time we were sent the latest toy from Spinmaster – the Air Hogs E charger.

This is also a glider type plane made from plastic and polysterene. It can fly on its own but you can fire it up with a little battery operated charger. A light comes on the charger to show that it is charging the plane and you just hold it in for around 10 seconds. When you remove the charger this gets a little propellor spinning around and you can send the plane into orbit.

It did take quite a few tries before we really got the hang of it. There is definitely a nack to making sure it catching the air at the right time. When it was launched at the right angle it goes a really long way!

We did notice that the charger was sometimes a little temperamental and didn’t always charge the plane properly even when the light was on. Bear with it as is always charged after a few tries.

However at a retail price of £10 these little planes are great fun to play with outdoors and kept us busy for ages – flying and chasing.

Have you ever fancied having a go at gliding?

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2 Responses to Flying like a bird! Reviewing the Air Hogs Echarger #review @spinmaster #airhogs

  1. Mine would love this. Looks like it is a lot of fun.

  2. Ness says:

    Looks like great fun for playing with in the garden the summer holidays.

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