Last Thursday was a very exciting day for me. Not only was I taking a trip to London, without my adorable children, but it was also to be my first parent blogging event!

I was invited to a new venture between Sainsbury’s and British Gas – a collaboration called Sainsburys Energy . This union gives customers reassurance from two giants in their field with their strong brand identity and customer loyalty. It also offers a chance for British Gas to be seen back on the High street for the first time in 20 years!  It was held at the sustainable restaurant, Walnut  located in West Hampstead.

The event was kicked off by the fabulous Lucy Siegle (The One Show, The Guardian) presenting an overview on the current agenda for the green cause with practical suggestions how home users can make small, or big, changes.  For some very obvious reasons it is clear that environmental issues are a matter high on the agenda for government and local authorities with the great steps that are being taken with regards recycling. However, there are lots more things that can be done to use less energy and thus help take the strain off the earth’s depleting resources. Although I like to think I am a keen recycler and consider green issues on a daily basis, I have to say I learnt a thing or two from her talk such as:

·         Leaving electrical appliances such as the TV, set top box  on standby can waste up to £15 per year in electricity

·         Tumble dryers cost four times more to dry clothes than it uses to wash them

·         Turning down the thermostat just 1 degree can save pounds every year

·         Be conscious of the over packaging on supermarket products and try to buy products that use less unrecyclable waste

·         Composting your decomposable waste is a great way to make a big difference.

British Gas and Sainsbury’s made their presentation on what they could offer to help consumers make a difference to the bigger picture in the form of offering Home Energy Assessments that could help save a household £200 a year. Sainsbury’s Energy also offers a solar panels installation service, allowing customers the ability to earn money generating their own electricity for the next 25 years.

The presentations were excellent food for thought to everyone who attended and it was fantastic to meet other parent bloggers who were as enthusiastic, if not more, as I was. The food was delicious as was the service. Special hellos go to Karen Cannard at The Rubbish Diet, Karin at Café Bebe, Carol at New Mummy, Emma and Erin at Emma and 3, Ella at Notes from Home, Tim at Bringing up charlie and everyone else I met there. Thanks to Natalie and Rory at TVC for arranging.

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