Have you ever considered traveling abroad for a festival? Or have you found a festival whilst you have been on holiday and joined in the fun?

There are so many popular festivals around the World that really capture the spirit and culture of the location. Such events give a flavour of the traditions and history of the country – something different to a holiday at home – and there is plenty for all the family to enjoy!

Have you heard of La Tomatina? It is a Spanish Festival where at the end of August, thousands gather in the town of Buñol in Valencia to throw tomatoes at one another. Messy but amusing!
Gran Canaria has a wealth of festivities going on around the island, many of them associated with patron saits.

Fiesta del Carmen  takes place on July 16th. The Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen, that’s why this celebration is so important in all the Canary Islands. This is especially so in Barrio de la Isleta, Las Palmas, Arguineguín and Puerto Mogán where this festivity can last up to one week and statues of the Virgin are taken out to sea in processions of decorated boats.

On August 4th is Bajada de la Rama (Bringing down the Branches).This colourful fiesta, one of the oldest on the island, has its roots in the Guanches’ rain dance and is held in Agaete. Nowadays, villagers carry pine branches from Agaete down to a chapel dedicated to the Virgen de Las Nieves. In the old times the aborigines would thrash the ocean waters with the branches to bring the rain in.

In February and March in Gran Canaria, carnival around the island is celebrated in almost every corner of the island with amazing shows and extensive programmes. Check out Las Palmas, San Bartolomé,  Maspalomas, Agüimes, Agaete or Telde as each of these towns’ carnival festivities having their own trademark. Dressing up in colourful costumes, dancing and singing are mainly what carnival is all about. Some people love carnival so much they travel around the island to follow the festivities – there is always a great party atmosphere and much to see.

The carnival ends the weekend before Ash Wednesday when there are competitions, comedy shows and music as well as much more.

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2 Responses to Festivals around the World with Holiday Gems

  1. B Savage says:

    Sounds great fun. We went to the le Fallas in Valencia in Spain one February half term and it was wonderful! There were procession of people of all ages dressed up in beautiful clothes from days in the past and fireworks and huge statues made of wood/ ardboard/paper mache etc making fun of politicians and cartoons and fairy stories. On the final night these statues were burnt and thee was celebrations all l we the city. It was memorable. We will have to visit the places you mentioned too.

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