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I read lots. I love books, and book buying. An afternoon in Waterstones browsing through the shelves was perfectly normal behaviour to me (pre children!). Since having babies the library has been our favourite haunt and I have taken to borrowing books from there to save money and still get the reading fix.

I thought the Kindle was a “gadget” and although I could see the positives about one, I never thought it would replace the book in my heart. However, having married to a gadget geek, I was bought a Kindle for my birthday.

I wasn’t convinced but after using it for a couple of months, think I am just about converted!

I love the way..

  • you can send books to your Kindle directly downloaded from Amazon from your laptop
  • Daily Deals offers great value and you are introduced to new authors you perhaps wouldn’t normally pick up.
  • you can fit 100s of books onto your Kindle meaning no matter how fast you read or whereever you are you are never short of something to read.

Books I have read in the last few weeks..

Pines – This book was a “daily deal” and cost 99p, I hadn’t read anything by the author before. I thought this book was going to be a thriller and I was gripped from the first few pages. It turned out to be more science fiction (not a genre I would normally read) but it was addictive reading. I didn’t put it down on the flight from Lapland to East Mids – is definitely helped pass the time on a 3 hours flight.

The one hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared. This was another new author to me, I think I paid 20p for it but it had great reviews so I was intrigued.It tells the tale of a man’s amazing life jumping from the past to the present. Again a fabulous read that had me hooked!

A Winter Flame – I love everything Milly Johnson write and paid full price for this. It is a fabulous wintertime/Christmas read and I polished it off in a few days!

My next read is The Half Life of Hannah which was another 20p buy!


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4 Responses to Kindle Love

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  3. Lisa | says:

    Oh I totally understand what you mean! I am so hooked on my Kindle. And before that it was a Sony e-reader that stole my heart and converted me from “real books”. My husband got me a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and while I didn’t think it was possible to love my Kindle more, the addition of a backlight really does make it even better!

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