We have had a busy time since May kicked off. On Saturday we took Noah out with some friends then on Sunday we headed to Alton Towers for some family fun times to celebrate him shortly turning 6!

I had booked us a room at the Splash Landings hotel on a deal where you could get a free child Waterpark ticket when you bought an adult one. The price was around £160 for room, all you can eat breakfast and waterpark for the four of us. We have a Merlin pass so I think some discounts might have been applied with that but all in all a great price!

Our room, which had a double bed and bunk beds in it, had a great view of the waterpark out of the window. The boys had fun the next morning shouting things like “Shark!” and “Help!” out of the the window at the guy cleaning the pool, then hiding. I guess he is used to it!

Anyway the day I am mostly writing about is our arrival!

We arrived about 1pm and our room was ready so we left our stuff in there and headed to the waterpark! This was everything a waterpark could be – lazy river, outdoor hot tub and lots of slides and waterfun. The giant tipping bucket was a particular highlight! We did have a fabulous time though after about four hours I for one was fatigued. I think the boys could have carried on but after a minor injury concerning Noah we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner.

There are three areas to the hotels at Alton Towers; Splash Landings is home to the waterpark, there is the Alton Towers hotel and then the new Enchanted Village which have luxury treehouse and woodland lodges. You can use the facilities at any of the hotels regardless of which you are staying at so we booked dinner at the Crooked Spoon restaurant in the Enchanted Village!

We had a yummy meal complete with singing Happy Birthday to Noah and all was good. When we came out of the restaurant we were greeted by a group who had just returned from a Nature Walk and had a selection of creatures to show the kids! Ethan was quite taken with the millipede, stick insect and Giant African Snail. I learnt some rather interesting/strange facts about the snail! Noah wasn’t quite as fussed about the creatures but he did have great fun in the playground and the circus skills training that was happening!

There was loads going on including a treasure hunt starting at 8pm but unfortunately we had brought Noah out without a coat and had to get back to the room as it was starting to get chilly. There was a magician and a disco on at Splash Landings Hotel but enroute we got caught up with an Archery class and then a fabulous singing duet in the Alton Towers Hotel. Wow – so much going on!

The next day was Bank Holiday Monday and we headed into the Alton Towers park for a day of thrill seeking! Ethan went on his first proper rollercoaster – Thirteen – and loved it, as well as the new Nemesis Suterra. Noah was brave too and loved the Runaway Train (my fave too!). This was good for him as last time he screamed his way around it in terror. 

 Happy May to you all!






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    What fun times you have!

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