With half term around the corner  we have lots of exciting plans both if we happen to be blessed with some beautiful Autumnal sunshine or if we just want to curl up with a hot chocolate!

Holidays are the perfect opportunity for quality family time. We always like to try new things and different experiences and tick off a few more “firsts” just like we did at Center Parcs back in June. Here we had our first family bike ride, the boys had their first Indian restaurant meal and I had a go on the Segways for the first time.

As way as quality family time holidays also offer a fantastic chance for parents to try out something they have always wanted to, or maybe even never thought about doing but given the chance they jump at it. It is interesting that in an independent study into the extent of family holiday firsts by Center Parcs, of 2000 parents across the UK,  67% said they try their hand at new activities when on holiday with the kids.

Center Parcs is the perfect place to try new activities and enjoy quality family time so the results aren’t really surprising but they are nonetheless interesting and some of the findings hit home for us..

Our youngest, Noah, falls into the 10% of babies who learn to walk on a family break, as he took his first steps in a cottage near Filey at Easter 2010. This photo was taken a few weeks later in at the Peace Gardens in Sheffield where he has really got his confidence…

first steps

According to the research parents take first break away with babies at just 4 months old. I don’t know if that applies to their first or second child but with our first it was a little later than this when we had our first family holiday to Wales.

With our second child it was a completely different story and we were taking him away on holiday virtually from birth! He went camping with us at four months.


42% of children are more confident trying new things when they’re away with the family and here is Ethan having a go at fencing with Daddy at Center Parcs.


and us all having a go at sailing in the Lake District…


Children feel brave enough to try a whole host of activities for the first time, whilst on holiday, such as building a sandcastle (37%), swimming (29%), going down a waterslide (19%) and kicking a football (10%). Parents felt this was down to interaction with other children (61%), quality time spent with family (57%) and being in a completely new environment (54%).

Active and adventurous holidays aren’t for everyone however as the study also found that 31% of parents say they’ll never let their child do an activity on their own and 21% of families have never tried anything new on a break.

Do any of these statistics ring true for you?

What new things will you be trying out this half term?

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14 Responses to Hurrah for holidays and happy days! #familyfirsts @centerparcsuk

  1. ninjacat says:

    my son was able to walk through the fruit bat enclosure at Chester zoo the other day

  2. Kara says:

    We are on holiday at the moment and I am really hoping he learns to walk whilst we are here

  3. Michelle says:

    Family holidays seem to be the time when we all try new things!

  4. Ive not been to centre parcs for years and years, I want to go back now. Yeah for first steps too 🙂

  5. We’ve gone urban this half term but we would really like to go to Center Parcs one day.

  6. We love centre parcs although we haven’t been for a while.

  7. One of these days I’m going to get around to going to Center Parcs x

  8. Susan Mann says:

    Have a great time x

  9. Globalmouse says:

    I love Center Parcs…what a great place to take your first steps!

  10. Coombemill says:

    Fascinating statistics. My eldest learned to walk on a family break so there must be something in it and we have tried lots of new things together when away, family breaks are great for inspiring confidence to try new activities. Thank you for sharing your fascinating facts on Country Kids

  11. We haven’t been to Centerparcs since the boys started school, they’re too expensive in school holidays. But we do camp a lot. We’re going this week but haven’t decided what we’ll be doing yet.

  12. We are looking forward to our Potter’s Leisure Resort Xmas break and hoping to try the new Center Parcs next year. Lovely post!

  13. I still have not been to this place one day will try to get to it.

  14. Granny says:

    Try playing throwing the rugby ball with your grandpa, it was brilliant to see these shines happy faces coming in the door!

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