After several festivals and countless camping trips with and without children here is our “warts n all” guide to festival packing.

Where to Pitch?

Firstly where you park your car and where the festival is can be quite a distance. At Camp Bestival, in between the carpark and the festival are several fields and hills. It isn’t as bad as it sounds in reality but you do need to prepare yourself. If you pitch your tent nearer to the  carpark then you will be walking further each day than if you pitch nearer to the festival but have the extra journey with all your belongings on the first and last days.

Lots of people bring trolleys to help carry tents etc which is a brilliant idea. There is also a wonderful invention called Festitaxi, that pick you up and drop you off with all your kit, but you may have to wait quite a while to get one.

You can also cheat and use another wonderful company such as Pitch village. where your tent and beds can be all set up on arrival so less to cart! I am getting old and all for making life easy!

Our Camping essentials

Kettle (drinking water taps are dotted around the site)

Stove to heat kettle – something like these from Halfords are brilliant

Tea/coffee ideally sachets including milk

Pots that you add water to eg pot noodles, porridge pots to feed kids quickly and easily when at the tent. Last time we were at Camp Bestival we had pinned our hopes on getting cash from the onsite the cash machine when we arrived on Thursday night. However on arrival this didn’t open until Friday lunchtime so pot noodles were a life saver as we had limited  finances.

Spare clothes -no matter how many changes you think you will need, bring one more. Just in case. Festivals can be messy places and your children will be feral by the end of it (but very happy!).

Glow sticks, bubbles, water guns – might be needed and are usually expensive to buy at the festival

Wipes – for all kinds of things!

You can bring your own alcohol into the campsite but not into the festival.

Accessories for tent to make it stand out – this year I’m planning a flag!

Festival loos are generally not pleasant places to hang around but Camp Bestival does have eco friendly compost loos which were inifitely better.

In difficult times just think of that first shower after the festival which can only be described as bliss!

Alsio remember the golden rule..

What happens at a festival stays at a festival!

What else would you add to this list?

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