Our Easter holiday weekend was spent doing something we have wanted to try for ages. Kind of a dream come true for me!

We went on a Narrowboat holiday!

We were joined by some friends and boy were we glad! A Narrowboat holiday is a lot of fun but it is quite hard work too!

We picked up our boat – called Dan’s drum – at Silsden in West Yorkshire. Our choice was to head along the Leeds-Liverpool canal in the direction of Leeds or Liverpool! In a weekend we would reach Saltaire going in the direction of Leeds and Gargrave going in the direction of Liverpool. We would then have to turn around and come back.

We decided to head to Gargrave as this was the more scenic route.

The boat was compact but perfect for our needs. There were two single beds at the back, two doubles along the middle and then two single beds at the front that doubles as a seating area with a TV and radio. There was also two bathrooms one with a shower and three cupboards for storage as well as a kitchen with cooker, fridge, microwave and everything you needed to cater!

The boat’s engine and steering rudder was at the back. You had one lever to operate which basically went forwards, backwards and neutral to stand still.

Along the way there were lots of swing bridges to operate which the boys loved opening. Most were manual but there were a few electronic ones.

It was hard work and we were very glad of our friends being with us to share the load of both the driving and steering, bridges and locks and also cooking and clearing up.

There was also one lock and we got through and back again but I’m not sure we can admit to knowing exactly how!

We spent the first night in Skipton, the second night in Gargrave and then the third night just outside Silsden as the boat had to be back for 9am.

It was a really lovely holiday.

If you like trying a break with a difference and enjoy new experiences then a Narrowboat holiday might be just your thing!

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