I love the Easter break. Four days when we are all off together. It makes a great change from Christmas which ends up being a lovely, heady mixture of visiting friends, family and eating far too much rich food. Easter provides a much needed rejuvination of duvet days and doing as little or as much as WE want to.

I also got a new camera this year, so no more ropey photos taken on my phone for me 🙂 well, let’s be honest probably a few!

This year the weather was pretty grim so we took advantage of it by having a few lazy days at home mixed up with a trips out.

We actually only live around thirty minutes from beautiful Matlock, something I forget about myself and always wonder why we don’t make it there more often, whenever we do actually visit!

On Saturday we decided to head for the Heights of Abraham, somewhere I had visited years ago, before married life and children! The “Heights” is a cable car trip to a family friendly park with playareas, cafe and mines.

The boys were mega excited about going on the cable car. Even though they are relatively young they showed absolutely no fear.

What we did..

  • HoA has two playareas – one is perfect for young children (mine aged 2 and 5 were very confident on all the equipment) ; the other is really designed for slightly older children (my 5yo was just about ok on it and it didn’t stop the 2yo but he was really a bit small).
  • The Masson Cavern tour – this was very exciting for the kids. 5yo turned to me as we were about to go “in” and said “I bet noone in my class has been underground!” So cute! There were quite a few steps down and back up but both kids were fine with it and again showed no fear at all. I told them there might be a bear there (thinking “on a bear hunt” type thing) but I don’t know if they bought it as they were so taken up with it all.
  • The cafe was very disappointing.. We had taken a picnic but some juice had leaked so I wanted to get a few other thing and the queues were massive and it was all pretty unroganised.
  • As it was Easter they had some Easter crafts, run by the exceptional Tess Willoughby, going on which were really good. The boys both made a Victorian Easter basket, did some colouring and made a balloon badge.
  • Prospect Tower – this is the highest point in the park. The main problem was that really you can only go one way on the staircase – up or down – so you had to shout up or down to make sure you wouldn’t have to pass anyone. At the top were great views though.
On the way back home we stopped off at the boating lake and the boys had a boat ride. I always find this a bit hairy for the ducks that share the lake but they are obviously used to it and not bothered by motorboats chasing them at all.
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4 Responses to Easter 2012 – Matlock Bath

  1. we love Matlock Bath although we tend to get ice creams and watch the motorbikes (cheaper than the cable car!) lovely photos.

  2. Looks like a great was had by all 🙂 xxx

  3. pinkoddy says:

    Great photos. Glad you enjoyed the break. I love the dramatic effects and that slide looks fab.

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