Or Disneyworld, I don’t care!I have the bug!

Long story (this is probably the first of many posts on the subject!) but we ended up flying to Los Angeles in the Summer, visiting Disneyland California, this year celebrating its 60th birthday!


This was our first visit to Los Angeles (so exciting!) and the boys first experience of Disney. We have been to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, and E has too but he was only 1 so can’t remember it.

Disneyland California, made up of two parks, is nothing on the scale (sizewise) of DisneyWorld Orlando, comprising of about five+ parks, but it makes up for it in character and charm. I loved it!

Firstly there is original Disneyland, created by Walt Disney himself. This is most like Magic Kingdom with Sleeping Beauty’s castle taking centre stage in the park surrounded by all the “lands”.

The boys really liked “Tomorrowland” which had the Star Tours ride (you basically feel like you are on a spaceship with Star Wars), Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (shooting Emperor Zorg etc), Space Mountain of course and Autopia (I wasn’t a fan but the boys loved it – basically driving a car around a track but v v noisy and uncomfortable!).  They also loved Adventureland with the Indiana Jones ride and Jungle Cruise. Other highlights included the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (we made Noah go on this as it really isn’t scary and he quite liked it),Haunted Mansion (just amazing!), Matterhorn Bobsleighs (Noah and I sat this one out!), Splash Mountain (just awful if you don’t like rides that go very high and then drop down steeply but fun too), Davy Crockett’s canoes and Pirates of the Carribean ride.

There are also the more “little kids rides” as the boys would call them – “It’s a small world” is a classic but we didn’t make it on any of these 🙁 We did go on the Monorail and the brilliant train which circled the park though.


California Adventure is the 2nd park at Disney, California and just opposite the entrance to Disneyland. It is really good how they are so close to each other with Downtown Disney just next door, all walkable! Our favourite ride at California Adventure was California Soaring where  essentially you feel like you are paragliding over California (awesome!) but we also loved the very popular Cars ride, Toy Story Midway Mania, Tower of Terror (not me and N of course!), California Screaming (ditto) and we kind of liked Grizzy River Run (but N hated it!). We also loved the hour long Aladdin show which is basically a full on West End Musical condensed.


I was really disappointed the boys really weren’t interested in any of the characters! I mean, Captain America was gorgeous! We made them have a photo taken with Mickey Mouse as this has just got to be done but they weren’t fussed about Character dining or getting excited when they saw Pluto, Minnie or Goofy. Even I wanted to queue up for my photo taken with Lightening McQueen but no way were they having it! I think Noah wanted to join in but Ethan was totally not up for it (maybe too many times of being pushed in front of a camera to stand next to a stranger in a suit have taken their toll?)… ho hum!

The delicious food and restaurants must also get a mention as you don’t get palmed off with greasy burgers here – no way. We had some delicious Fish Tacos, Steak Burritos and Sourdough Chowder as well as about a zillion popsicles (or ice lollies to us Brits), divine chocolate and refreshing frozen lemonade (it was V hot!).

At night the entertainment continues till midnight with fireworks, light shows and parades – it really is just so magical and amazing! The photos don’t really do justice (there are more on our Instagram account – I didn’t want to repeat!).

It is difficult to compare Disneyland and Disneyworld as both so different. There was something extra magical about Disneylabd California though and I’m glad this is the boys’ first experience of Disney (even if they didn’t embrace it as much as I would have liked!). I think Disneyland Calitornia had the best of the best Orlandi rides. Next stop Dianey cruise 😊

Hold tight for the next installment of LA adventure!

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5 Responses to Can I go back to Disneyland please? #California #LosAngeles #60years #familytravel

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  3. Ge says:

    We’ve done Paris and Florida but not this one yet, definitely a must though by the sound of it

  4. Globalmouse says:

    Disneyland in California is my favourite of the parks I think – I like the ToonTown there and just think it’s got the best atmosphere. It looks like you had an amazing trip – I want to go back too!!

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