Diggerland is a mini theme park where all the rides and attractions are focused around driving/riding on lots of mechanical machinery and  vehicles.There are currently four Diggerland sites located in England in Devon, Yorkshire, Durham and Kent with one planned to open in Spring 2006 in Worcestershire. We visited Diggerland in Castleford, West Yorkshire. It was a boys day out with Dad and Uncle taking on the child entertainment responsibilities. Over to them….

The first thing that caught our attention was the spin dizzy ride, which was a cross between a fairground ride and digger, with the digger spinning around with you in a large bucket attached to the end of the digger arm. Not for the faint hearted but the kids loved it.

Next up were the big diggers where we all got to try our hand at picking up mounds of earth and moving them around with the digger arm, great fun but harder than it looks although our six year old Noah seemed  to have no problem completing this task in record time.


digger earth

Next up we pitted against  each other in mini diggers to see who could complete tasks the fastest. This included tasks such as moving three iron bars by scooping them up, knocking over targets and, our favourite, the skittles where the digger arm had to knock over a full set of skittles.

We then moved on from caterpillar tracks to the more normal four wheeled vehicles with go kart racing and Dodgems.


The highlight for Ethan was definitely being able to drive a full size Land rover and Digger. At eight years old he couldn’t believe his luck when he was told that he could actually drive them. As you can see from the pictures below he was pretty pleases with himself, and couldn’t wait to get back to school and share all his adventures with his friends.


All this driving was thirsty work, so we stopped in on the onsite café which had a great selection of drinks hot and cold, cakes, crisps, hot dogs and burgers. Once fully refuelled we headed back out and went on the Dodgems and a digger themed carousel but not before making a bee line for the Landrover so Ethan could practice mastering his figure of eight.

Both children are at that awkward age (6 and 8) where they think the smaller rides are too babyish, but they aren’t tall enough to ride the big thrill rides. Diggerland filled this gap admirably allowing them to thrill seek in  safe and well managed environment. We would recommend it for children who are at least 90cm as this was the height required for most of the rides. We had a brilliant day out and the can’t wait to return with Mum!

Diggerland costs £19.95 for adults and children over 90 cm with over 65’s costing £9.95 and children under 90cm going free (there are smaller rides for these children that you can pay for as you go around). There are also discounts for groups or prebooking tickets on the website. Family tickets start at £71.00.



Disclosure: we were gifted a family ticket to Diggerland but all views and opinions are our own unbiased. 




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3 Responses to Daddy (and Uncle) Daycare @Diggerland_UK #Castleford #summerdays #yorkshire

  1. Laura says:

    What a super place! I must add this to my must visit places to go!

  2. Globalmouse says:

    We love Diggerland – your photos are great….makes me want to go again!!

  3. This looks like a brilliant place for a family day out.

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