With such a lot of historical events taking place in the UK at the moment, such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in London, I felt the boys should get involved or be aware of what was happening.

The Queen, Prince William and Princess Kate (lets face it that is what she will soon be known as!) visited Nottingham and I decided quite spontaneously (and perhaps rashly!) that we should go and see them. They were visiting Vernon Park, where the Queen unveiled a plaque to commemorate the park being given Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust status. Vernon Park is a short tram ride away from us and I planned to just take Ethan out of school for the morning to go.

The boys had a great time having a go on the free fairground rides, sitting in the fire engine and having their pictures taken with Robin Hood and Maid Marion.20120716-211748.jpgOf course when it came close to the time when the Queen was expected everyone headed to the roped off areas around the driveway she would travel. We managed to get a good spot but of course keeping a three year old confined for longer than 30 seconds is completly impossible so if Noah was disguising himself as a sniper he would have done very well, frequently crossing barriers and shooting off on his scooter. Eventually the Royal car arrived and we got a brief glimpse of the Queen and the Royal Couple.


It was now getting too busy, too wet and I was feeling pretty drained with Noah’s antics to stay much longer so we watched the unveiling on the big screen and headed home on the tram. The Queen looked thoroughly bored anyway! 

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  1. Susan Mann says:

    Looks like a great day and great fun x

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