Noah is the sweetest, cutest little thing you could ever meet. He really is. But at the moment I am rapidly going off him. Ok, so all 2 year old can be trying and switch between delightful and dreadful at the blink of an eye. I can remember Ethan was exactly the same and I really went off him at the same age as well.. though at the time I was heavily pregnant or had a newborn to look after too so thought it was just that..

Just to list a few “incidents” we have had this week (and this doesn’t include the usual putting loo rolls down the loo (daily), beheading my freshly potted flowers and generally undoing everything I do..

  • broke my new sunglasses (the ink had hardly dried on the recipt before they were crushed under his size 7’s as he clambered from backseat to front to switch on the internal light)
  • “lost” the car/door keys.. they had been inadvertently given to him by 4yo and when I asked him where they were he said¬†”car”, then “grass” and then laughed… they were found under the sofa. It was one way to get me to clear out the car anyway.
  • killing my sunflowers that I had been growing from seed and had just transplanted in the garden (silly Mummy how could you think they would survive especially when they were being held up by a stick – Noah’s favorite toy of the moment).
  • when I came downstairs to find the kitchen floor swimming in milk as he tried to pour his own drink.
  • moved his bedroom around so he had more space meaning the cot was nearer the window. This meant that he could reach the blackoutblind so he promptly pulled out the pull cord meaning it is always pitch black in his room..
  • and when we go out he has to punch at least one child 1 year older than him or push another at least 6 months younger making him look like a horrid nasty bully..
  • oh and then there was the time we went to the park and he took off his shoes and socks and we couldn’t find them anyway!

But sometimes, just occasionally when it all goes quiet and panic strikes in my core, I find him.. reading a book to himself (v cute!) or… doing a jigsaw and I feel really bad for thinking the worst.

These are the moments I live for and also if I am honest the time when he will have gone through this phase (like I know Ethan did). Oh well, keeps me on my toes I guess! 

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