At the moment our back garden is largely grass, which is mainly for low maintenance and easy up keep. Neither of us are keen gardeners (like, at all!) and on sunny days would rather be relaxing or playing in the garden that digging up weeds or pruning the roses. I don’t mind cutting the grass but that is as far as it goes!


If we were let loose on designing our perfect family garden however, there would be some major improvement to be had. We have a really old shed that is badly in need of replacement so that would be the first thing to be sorted out. A shed is essential, for storage as we don’t have a garage. One like this one would be great..also providing somewhere nice to sit and relax.



Obviously two energetic boys would not be so keen on that idea! I think, however they would love some of these amazing toys from Activity Toys Direct for Older Children.

All children love a good slide and robe swing and as they get older they would love a basketball net to shoot some hoops at!



As Ethan loves Taekwondo he would love this huge punchbag (£29.99)  that could be hung from a tree. They would both love these cool trikes (£259 each) for chasing each other around the garden and the fantastic climbing frame would provide hours and hours of monkeying around fun!




We love spending time outside and to have our own playground in the back garden would be the perfect way to have fun and wear ourselves out!


This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition.


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3 Responses to Day dreaming of our perfect family garden….@tots100 #activitytoysdirect

  1. the swing for two is a brilliant idea and I love that climbing wall!

  2. Granny says:

    i love gardening and your boys love helping me when they visit. good luck with the competition and hope you win it!!!

  3. Emma says:

    ooh good luck I’m planning on enterin this one too. we so need help!

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