The Bett show took place last week at ExCel in London showcasing all there is in terms of technology for education. It is not even just the latest in cutting edge technology but lots of creative answers for learning and teaching.

On the Thursday I visited for the very first time! I was interested in seeing what there was around in my role as a teacher, school governor and of course parent!

There was loads to see and I only really scratched the surface. The show is as you would expect from one that has free entry and lots of businesses are trying to sell you things. They just scan your badge to receive your email details. It was good fun though!

Here is a friend of mine, David, who works for Lego Education doing his talk about all the fab things Lego do. Creativity is the number one attribute employers are looking for! Does our curriculum encourage this I wonder?

I also came across some cool Google apps..

Explain Everything – a collaborative and interactive whiteboard

Matific – maths games

Fluency tutor – reads out text from websites for slow readers

Typing Club – learn how to touch type

Spell Fix – spelling games

There was so much interactive software and everything is about making it accessible for our techno whizzkids so essentially lots of YouTube, virtual reality and touch screen game playing is involved.

Minecraft Education have lessons plans that can be used in the game. Learning whilst playing games would definitely be the way forward with my children!

So many exciting things going on…

How lucky are our kids!




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