Sunday saw the annual Open Farm Sunday event when farms across the country flung open their doors to allow access to “behind the scenes” for the public. It was a beautiful sunny day and a nearby farm at Beauvale Priory was taking part so we decided to get the bikes out and head there.

I actually don’t have a bike so I was on foot and the boys plus a friend were on bikes. We laid out the ground rules:

  • Stop if you see or hear a car
  • Stop if I am out of eyesight
  • Stop if anyone is hurt
  • Stop if you need a drink


I wasn’t far behind them and they were amazingly good at stopping even though the bridleway was very twisty and they had to stop quite a lot.

There was lots to do at the farm but the only animal we saw was a chicken (and some horses along the route)! The kids clearly weren’t bothered by this. I need my own bike now as this is a lovely little route of around 5 miles there and back and the tea rooms do delicious lunch and cakes.


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One Response to Cycling to Open Farm Sunday

  1. Charlotte says:

    i have never heard of open farm day before today. It’s a wonderful idea! Hope you are all well! xx

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