Yesterday we had a very exciting day!

Ethan’s cub pack and their awesome leaders (Mark, Suze, Ben and Jordan) paid a visit to the CBBC studios at Medicity, Manchester to sit in the audience for the brilliant Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Windup!

It was a long day with lots of hanging about…

We kept ourselves busy meeting the Darleks, trying out The Voice chair and looking for Dr Who..

We also saw Lindsey from Blue Peter walking past on her phone!

Eventually we made it into the studio which was buzzing!

The set looked brilliant – the kids couldn’t believe how many lights and cameras were on the ceiling!

It took over three hours to film the show, which runs on TV for one hour, but it was fantastic fun. We were all exhausted after all that whooping and clapping! I think the Cubs were amazed by how much work goes into one show (I know i was!).

It was also very exciting to have such a celebrity packed show with Blue Peter’s Lindsey appearing as well as Ben Shires, from one of my favourite shows Officially Amazing!

None of our group were “picked on”, or should I say “chosen” to take part in the show but we all had a fab time! I was quite relieved we didn’t get slimed!

The Sam and Mark show is back with a Christmas special on 18 December and our show (as I like to call it!) will be on early next year so look out for us!

What an amazing experience and memorable day for the Cubs- huge thanks to Mark and the Cub team for such a well organised and fun day!

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  1. Globalmouse says:

    What a fun trip out! I’m surprised it takes 3 hours to film but how fun to be part of it!

  2. This sounds like a fascinating experience, and great fun! I bet the Cubs will remember their day at the TV studios for years to come.

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