Camping is the simple life. You can only fit so much of your world into the car so you are a little more selective with what you take.

Every campsite I have been to has had something unique about it no matter how fancy or basic it is. It is that little something that makes your memories. I like going back to familiar campsites but then I love trying new ones and finding something to love there.

Here is the view from our tent on a recent visit to Humble Bee Farm in Yorkshire. It was a roasting hot weekend and we had a little visit to the coast  – Filey and Scarborough are close by – to cool off.

We were delighted to be asked by Millets to choose our “home from home” products from their amazing camping range.

Tea is an essential start to the day and these brilliant fun mugs made from melamine and perfect.

I always find, when in a tent, that we have bags and boxes of stuff that is organised but it just doesn’t look pretty. Enter this fabulous storage table which has two pockets for putting in plates, cups, cutlery, food out of the way to keep things looking much tidier.

There is a mesh door so you can easily find things and solid base gives the drawers some structure. The table is useful for keeping things to hand and it all folds down neatly into a compact travel friendly size.


Keeping food chilled is also challenging when camping. We have had lots of cool boxes which are fine for a few days but then once the freezer block has defrosted you are stuck. The electric coolbox is essentially a mini fridge which can be plugged into a car or an adaptor can be purchased to enable it to be plugged into a normal plug.

You will need to have Electric Hook Up on your campsite for this luxury but I can’t rave about the cool boz enough! It kept things cold and also chilled things that we added whilst camping. It can also keep things warm if you do need at the flick of a switch (we haven’t tried that one yet but it would be very useful for that first night of camping when you need a hot meal after setting up camp!). It is noisy when plugged in but we unplugged it at night, when it is usually cooler anyway, and everything was kept fresh.

Going away travelling is all well and good but it is always nice to have something that reminds us of home some creature comforts to make living with n a field a touch more homely.

What are your camping home from home must haves?

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2 Responses to Creature comforts when camping #homefromhome @milletsuk @humblebeefarm

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  2. Helen says:

    Yes! To making it look pretty. I hate the jumble and disorganisation when we’re camping. Love the mesh drawers – brilliant idea for keeping everything in its place.

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