This could go one way or the other but let’s give it a try! I am out of voice minutes on my phone so communicate with my husband mostly by text these days (as often by the time he is home I am in pj’s thinking about hitting the sack!). As you can see it is sometimes a bit of a one way conversation!

Monday 3 October 3.18pm

Me: Think we may have a poorly boy, nursery think Noah has chicken pox!

(no more spots appeared and my family seemed to think it was bites as boys had been at my parents and spent most of their time outside playing with flea written cats and the like so..)

Tuesday 4 October 9.29am

Me: Confused.. took him to preschool and they found more spots! Literally appeared in front of our eyes. So brought him home will keep you posted xx

9..45 Me: Do you think I should take him to see the doc or a pharmacist?

9.54 Gary: See how it goes if more spots appear go this aft

9.57 Me: Mite pop to chemist’s when pick Ethan up. he seems fine of course! xx

11.32 Me: Noah has few more spots but fine usual bossy self!

3.15pm Me: Pharmacist doesnt think it is chicken pox. I don’t think he is right but not sure what it is!

Wednesday 5 October

10.43am Me: Doctor thinks it is chicken pox so orders to stay at home xx

11.51 Gary: Is that good news?

So our little puddle duck is now very spotty, sometimes feverish, a little bit sore but pretty much his usual self!

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