We were very fortunate to win a family ticket to see the stage production of Charlie and Lola at Mansfield Palace Theatre!

The boys do like Charlie and Lola but aren’t massive fans but I knew they would enjoy it.

The show is performed by puppets guided by four people. It is performed really well with lots of fun in the seamless interactions. As well as the Charlie and Lola puppets are lots of props and pictures to illustrate the stories, although the stage appears relatively uncluttered

It opens with Charlie asking Lola to tidy her room. As usual she doesn’t pay any attention and her and Soren Lawrenson (her imaginary friend) get up to tricks including breaking Charlie’s homemade rocket for which he won a prize! The boys were transfixed as this story was something new to them. The second half was based around a book we already own (I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed) but extended to include a feature on Lola being scared of the dark after Charlie reads her a story about an ogre.

Throughout the show there is great audience participation keeping the children engaged and attentive. This includes tissue butterflies and hearts falling from the balcony onto the stalls, bubbles blasting out from the side and hunting for the ogre under all the seats. It is just about an hour long in total (with a short interval) so perfect for keeping little ones interested so not too much wriggling.

I think Noah, who is just 3 years old, enjoyed the show the most. He wanted to buy a Charlie and Lola sticker book and since we returned home it has kept him busy no end. It was quite a good buy at £3.99 with over 100 stickers.

The tour is still on and is worth catching if it is near you.



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  1. Theatre Virgin says:

    Thank you for this review, my friend in the UK also saw this with her 7 yo daughter and loved it!

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