As the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words” and I am increasingly finding that taking pictures captures our lives far more succinctly than all the words that I never actually get chance to write!

Travel Supermarket are running a very inspiring competition asking for bloggers to produce a blog post capturing the colours Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red in five pictures.

These photographs were taken around four years ago on one of our first family holidays when Ethan was around about eighteen months old. He has just started talking and was incredibly cute. I can hardly remember him being that small but it was a very special time for us. We booked the holiday through Baby Friendly Boltholes.

We went to some gorgeous cottages in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. They were perfect for families with an indoor pool, outdoor play area, DVD, games and book library and even a hot tub. There was also animals so children could go and collect the eggs from the chickens or feed the sheep.

It was also by the sea and so we captured some gorgeous shots on the beach. I can still smell the salty air and feel the sand between my toes when I look at these pictures…. green, yellow, white, red and blue…





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  1. G.Mitchell says:

    very cute blog also baby

    thank you for sharing

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