We took so many photographs at Camp Bestival that I had to write a Part 2 (here is Part 1) to share them all with you…

camp bestival fireworks 2016

Here are some of the fireworks on the Sunday evening taken from the VIP bar close to where we were camping. The display was truly excellent and definitely worth staying the Sunday night to see. Saying that I would have been packing the tent up on my own if I had suggested leaving before Tears for Fears (the headline act on Sunday night) so there was no fear of that!

camp bestival fireworks


As well as all of the music, food and entertainment there was a section of the festival dedicated to charitable causes. The School Bus Project caught my eye, possibly because of my fledgling career in teaching, and I went over to find out more. The kids were straight on the bus exploring it whilst I learnt more

The School Bus Project is actually a mobile education unit for refugees in Calais. The buses become mobile classrooms providing education for the children who are refugees, trapped in the Calais “jungle”. It is amazing to read the wonderful good that they are doing fundraising and training people, as well as providing a future for the innocent children caught up in a nightmare situation.


school bus project at camp bestival


Back to the music and on Sunday lunchtime I caught my new favourite band, Xylaroo on the Castle Stage. They are two sisters, Holly and Coco, and on Rob da Bank’s record label. I actually heard them on the Thursday evening in the Sunday Best tent and loved their folk, acoustic sound and stunning vocals at once. They reminded me of Rilo Kiley who are also brilliant. Anyway I bought their album for £5 and have been listening to it in the car ever since!

xyleroo camp bestival

Saturday afternoon we caught Squeeze who gave an amazing performance and were really well received by the crowds. The boys really enjoyed them too and, I am not sure if it helped, but as we were squashed in between lots of other people they couldn’t play up and actually listened and danced along. It was fun!

squeeze camp bestival

Sunday night saw the ones we had all been waiting for – Tears for Fears – hit the stage. We had had a brilliant afternoon chilling out in the sunshine watching (and singing along to) Bananarama and lots of other acts and Tears for Fears certainly didn’t disappoint.

tearsforfears camp bestival

It was sad to say goodbye to Camp Bestival for another year -I think I could definitely have done another day I was only just getting into the festival spirit and it was time to come home!

Are family music festivals involving camping your kind of thing? I do think Camp Bestival is in a league of its own in terms of the organisation and spirit that it has. Roll on 2017!

flags camp bestival 2016


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  3. Sonia says:

    The fireworks looked awesome! I’m putting CB on my list for next year x

  4. Oh that looks fabulous! I always get so jealous every year looking at everyones pictures, i really need to pull my finger out and buy tickets!

  5. Granny says:

    Sounds Brilliant ! What an adventure for you all to experience,

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