Camp Bestival 2018 is over but the memories will last a long time!

We look forward to it as it’s the first thing we do when school breaks for the Summer holidays. It is the perfect “let your hair down” way to start off the celebrations!

Here are our favourite┬ámoments (in no particular order from this year’s Camp Bestival)….

1. Silent Disco

Ok this one is first, and I think this actually may be the ultimate favourite moment!

Saturday night saw Dick and Dom versus Junior Jungle – a line up like that is sure to appeal to kids – host the Silent Disco in the Big Top!

The silent disco followed Basement Jaxx DJ set and didn’t start until 1am. The kids were flagging but determined to go to their first silent disco! It was definitely worth it.

We picked up our headset and selected either red or green depending on who we wanted to listen to.

Whichever DJ set you were listening there were lots of classic disco hits and we had a brilliant time! Dick and Dom had their crowd shouting lots of “BOGIES” – it was awesome!


2. Sword making in the Dingly Dell

Every year the boys make swords (or some other sort of artillery!) in the Dingly Dell. This tradition was introduced to us by the lovely Penny and family. Luckily this year we all camped close to each other so we got to hang out together lots!

3. The Gin Tent!

Providing the perfect opportunity to sample different types of guns and gin cocktails.

This place taught me that at festivals you need to seize the moment! It was 11 am and we were just passing by – but it is never too early for gin!


4. Foodie Treats!

5. Bumping into celebs (ok this doesn’t usually happen!)

Mary Berry was spotted chatting to DJ BBQ at the Feast Collective Tent and then just mingling in with the crowd.

6.Guardian Literary Institute

I love this tent! It is the perfect place to shelter from the sun or rain and you are always guaranteed to find something interesting here. It also has comfy chairs! There were stacks of highlights from this tent but I did really love “How to Sell Your Kids…. anything” by Gavin Presman!

Yes, you can stick a barcode on them and literally sell them but this talk was more about selling ideas and sharing knowledge with the children of today. There is no doubt that the skills they will need are different from those 100 years ago and as parents, we need to equip them with the right soft skills to handle today’s ever-changing world.

Gavin patiently shouted over the background noise of Pop will Eat Itself on the main stage to share his ideas.

Rather than use our power as parents to force our children to do something we need to use marketing techniques with our offsprings rather than threats (that we really don’t want to carry out ourselves).

Essentially the best way to get children to listen to you and to have a healthy relationship is to be present with them, stay chilled and let them bring themselves up. Love this attitude!

7. River Cottage cooking and tasting

The addition of chefs at Camp Bestival really worked and we thoroughly enjoyed the talks and cookery that was going on at the River Cottage tent. The food was simple but so so delicious!

8. Punch and Judy

The boys are captivated by Punch and Judy and what better place to watch the warring couple than at a festival in the sun!

But all good things must come to an end…

Unfortunately, due to bad weather, the festival was cut short by one day and we found ourselves packing up on Sunday afternoon to head home. Boo hoo! There were lots of things we had been planning to do – saving the best till last – on the final day so it was really disappointing but safety comes first.

still managed to have lots and lots of fun at our 4th Camp B!


Looking ahead to 2019 you can now purchase tickets and take advantage of the monthly payent plan. Check out the website here.


Will we see you there?

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