Camp Bestival Part 1 which covers Friday and Saturday can be found here..

Sunny Sunday

Liz Pichon, author of the Tom Gates books,  treated us to lots of fun on Sunday morning on the Castle Stage with an interactive show based on her work. The boys love her books – I think mainly because they are a combination of words and drawings, they don’t feel like proper reading, and they are also very funny.

Liz drew us a monster from ideas thrown at her from the audience and also showed us how she draws in her own style the book covers. It was simple yet so effective!

I was thrilled when the boys drew their own “book covers” inspired by Liz Pichon over the course of the weekend. They worked really hard on them and did a brilliant job – here is an snapshot from each! They aren’t interested in drawing usually so love how this has given them some confidence.

Liz was accompanied by Dude 3, Tom’s band who played a great set including “Delia is a Wierdo, Delia is a Freak!” clearly about Tom’s love for his sister and “Shout it Out” about generally making noise. What is there there for a preteen not to love!?

The boys also managed to meet Liz (and Dude 3) later in the day and she signed a copy of her latest book for them. We were amongst the first in the queue but she was still there hours later signing for her young fans – how lovely!

As well as the boys catching their favourite author I managed to see Lucy Clarke talk about her latest book Last Seen and her journey as an author writing from a beach hut. I didn’t realise it but Lucy had written Sea Sisters which I had read and loved years previously so was thrilled to learn she is now on her 4th novel. She demonstrated incredible determination and focus as she told us her routine of working in the mornings, whilst her husband has their children and then they swop roles in the afternoon. What a perfect scenario!

As the weather was so good it was perfect to explore a bit more of the festival at a more leisurely pace and the boys made and fired their own space rockets in the Science tent..

and had lots of fun on the bikes and balancing. Check our those muddy legs!

Later in the evening we caught Brian Wilson, doing a set of Beach Boys classics and Leftfield performing the whole of the Leftism album. Both were very memorable and I feel quite honoured to have seen them.

We had an incredible time at Camp Bestival 2017 – yes the rain did effect things and made it a different experience but it was still the same chilled out vibe and full of fun people with a great attitude to life!

The fireworks show was as always incredible, accompanied by a little cartoon portrayed onto the castle. Amazing stuff!

Well we can’t wait for 2018! What about you?

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