We were recently offered the chance to attend a one day photography workshop at the Millenium and Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield. So Mr Gorgeous Boys (aka husband) headed off to try it out!

The  course was run by Pandora Maund who is a Sheffield based photographer and runs Going Digital Yorkshire, the biggest provider of photography courses in Yorkshire. The aim was to teach you how to get your camera off auto and use some of the manual settings to improve your photography.

Pandora was a great teacher and we learnt a lot including the ins and out of all the camera menus, how to change various settings such as aperture, shutter, ISO settings and what affect they have on your photos, and even compositional techniques on how to take more creative and professional looking shots.

My favourite part of the course had to be how to change the aperture on your camera to create a shallow Depth of field. We have all seen this effect a million times in photos, magazines TV, movies where the background is blurred out while the subject in the foreground is sharp and in focus.

I always thought this was achieved with very expensive camera equipment and lenses. Not so! With the switching of a couple of dials on the camera and some words of wisdom from Pandora I was able to easily create this look.


I will be using this effect to death when taking future portrait pics of the boys and it just looks so professional and pleasing to the eye.

Our final photography challenge for the day was to take a landscape shot with a large depth of field where everything is in focus. To complete this exercise we were lucky enough to be let loose in the grounds of Sheffield United Football Club, who have their home pitch next to the hotel. We were allowed to wander around and take photos at our leisure which was a real buzz! My favourite shot is this rather artsy photo from behind the goal, again taking tips on creative composition which I had learnt earlier in the day.


I should also mention the amazing lunch the Millenium Hotel in Sheffield served, and with the words ringing in my ears the “The best camera, is the one you have with you” I took this photo of my lunch using a few of the tips I had picked up.

Lunch Pic

All in all it was a great course which I really learnt a lot from, and I definitely won’t be using my camera in Auto mode in future, now I have seen how much better your photos can be when you take your camera off auto and tweak a few of your cameras settings.

For those of you who couldn’t be there in person, The Millenium and Copthorne Hotel have kindly written up a short blog post themselves about the day which includes some of the tips and tricks that Pandora taught us on the course.

Happy snapping everyone!

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  1. Mum says:

    Sounds such fun and very interesting too!

  2. Susan Mann says:

    wow these are awesome x

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