Brownsea Island sits perfectly in Poole Harbour, like a pearl in a shell.

On our recent visit to Dorset we made a stop off to visit. You get there by catching a boat in the harbour. It’s first stop is Brownsea Island. There are other islands in the harbour but Brownsea is by far the largest.

Brownsea Island is a National Trust property so you need to be a member or pay the admission to get onto the Island.

There are lots of helpful guides and tours that you can take to learn a bit more about the island. We just wanted to get off exploring so left the Visitors Centre and headed to the Scout camp to find out all about where Scouting first started!

In 1907 Robert Baden Powell took a group of boys from different backgrounds, for an experimental week long camp on Brownsea Island. They camped, learnt woodcraft, patriotism, chivalry and lifesaving. Hence, the birth of Scouting and the massive growth of scout camps started the following year!

Here is the Scout stone!

This is the Scout camp where thousands of Scouts from around the world visit each year.

This is a statue of Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scounting.   

And here is his footprint!

Brownsea Island is amazing!

It is famous for red squirrels but we didn’t see any. I guess they are going to be most busy around Autumn when they are gathering their food for the winter.

We did have an amazing walk around the Island and really took in the atmosphere of it – a peaceful haven.

There is also a brill woodland play area.

The views are stunning.

It was a fabulous day out and the perfect way to end our little break in Dorset.

The route back on the boat takes you the rest of the way around Poole Harbour where you can see the other islands and lots of wildlife.

Have you visited Brownsea Island?

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3 Responses to Brownsea Island #scouting #PooleHarbour @brownseablog @nationaltrust

  1. Louise says:

    Wow. This is great. We are hoping to get our boys into the scouts soon. Definitely one to add to the list of places to visit.

  2. Granny says:

    Your dad and I took you all years ago on a boat around the island. So glad you enjoyed your second trip there xx

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