Outdoor toys are always a hit in our house. I like toys that can be taken with us when we go camping that don’t take up much space in the car but will keep the boys entertained. It would also be perfect for taking with us when heading out at a park, along with football and frisbee!

We were delighted to be sent to Zoingo Boingo to review on the blog. It is suitable for children aged 8+. On unboxing the toy you need to inflate the ball with a football pump (which is not included). You partially inflate it then place it into the foot plate and fully inflate (there is a guide included so you know when to stop). This was all very straightforward and easy to do.

Getting out in the fresh air, especially with the early Spring sunshine, is brilliant to do after a cold and dull Winter. It works well on grass or concrete so this is the perfect toy for bouncing off those cobwebs with!

The boys did find it a bit awkward to start with as it demands a good core and balancing skills but with lots of practice they were bouncing around the garden and having great fun! With a bit more practice you can do tricks and get more adventurous so there is plenty of play value in this toy. Check our short video and decide for yourself who is having the most fun!

The knack really is to pull up the handle of the tough elastic cord up as high as you can and hug the ball with your feet. It is a good quality toy retailing at £24.99 which is reasonable considering how much play you can have with it – literally hours of fun!

We are looking forward to getting lots of use of of the Zoingo Boingo this summer and having fun in the great outdoors! It is something a bit different from the norm and great exercise too!

What do you think to this toy? Is it the kind of thing you or your children like to play with?

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