Last Saturday (21 April) I joined 100 or so other bloggers at Blogcamp UK in Birmingham. This was the first full day, national event that has been held by the Tots 100 organisers and promised to be a fab day. Even better it was free! This is thanks to the generous sponsors – Skype and Cow and Gate growing up milk. Thanks guys!

I travelled down to the event with the lovely Sonia. We were both very excited about it, not least having a day off from the kids (just kidding!).

When we arrived we headed for coffee and it was fab to catch up with other bloggers who I have met before at previous events, spoken to on Twitter or be introduced to new blogs! Everyone was very friendly and it was a great, relaxed atmosphere.

The first session I went to was about Vlogging – using video in your blog! This is something I am quite interested in although I haven’t done any research into it. It turned out to really be a session on how to use Microsoft Movie Essentials which is a free downloadable package. It looks intuitive and easy to learn and I would love to take more videos of the boys and put together a mini movie of our days out etc. This is the kind of think I think I will only have time to do when I am retired but you never know!

Next I went to the session on making money from your blog which was run by, the incredibly inspirational Susannah Conway, a former journalist who turned to blogging when she suffered the loss of her partner. She has effectively turned her blog into a business running popular ecourses in photography and blogging. Whether it was the intention or not I left really wanting to try one if her courses!

The final session I went to was how to edit photographs taken on your camera with free tools online. It was focused around using the package picMonkey (which I haven’t come across before). It is  being free, intuitive and quick so I will definitely be using it in the future.

Much of the talk at Blogcamp was about changes Google has made essentially meaning bloggers who take sponsored posts and are asked to put in follow links by PR companies, will lose their page ranking. As I understand it this may be detrimental in the success of their blog at getting future sponsored posts. I haven’t done any sponsored posts so this isn’t relevant to me but it was interesting to hear what was happening! I would love to monetise my blog especially when my littlest starts preschool and I have more time on my hands.

It was a brilliant day and we all headed home tired but inspired by the fabulous supportive community that has been created.

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