My little home birth baby Noah has now started preschool, going three days a week from 9-3. He has settled amazingly well, and the nursery have been exceptionally accommodating offering lots of settling in sessions and making thoughtful arrangements for him. He has made some little friends who he looks forward to seeing and goes swimming on a Wednesday.


It is now very quiet in our house with the eldest at school as well. We have settled back into the routine really well and it is actually quite nice to get some order to proceedings! I am loving having some time to myself although saying that have started decorating the entire downstairs of the house! So no rest for the wicked! Plus we are planning a house move which also means school move and no doubt a whole load of upheaval. But it will be good and looking forward to the change.

I do miss him lots though, which has surprised me as I felt like I was ready to move forwards. It is the little things like fetching the post for me when it’s delivered and he always knows where my car keys are!


I can’t quite believe that this time next year he will have started school. He will be one of the youngest in the year (being a May babe) so I just hope he gets on ok. One thing I have learnt though is how much children can surprise you with what they deal with.


I am going to plan things for us to do when we are together and make the last year of “just us” time.

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3 Responses to Babycakes goes to preschool

  1. I am so pleased he has settled in. It is a real shock at first. He does look so confident and happy. Love the photographs made me smile. Hope you have some lovely mummy and daughter time 🙂

  2. Susan Mann says:

    Aww bless, I know I can’t believe our little ones will be starting school next year. Our cut off if end of February here. He looks so cute and confident, hope all went well x

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