This year (coincidentally on my birthday – 28 September) sees a rare astrological event taking place. We will see a supermoon Lunar eclipse of the harvest moon  – only five of these have happened since 1900! The next one isn’t due to happen until 2023.

The lunar eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth come directly into line, and the Earth cuts off the light from the Sun, so the Moon looks to turn blood red. This is because of light bending in the Earth’s atmosphere. The blood moon also look up to 14 per cent larger because it is nearer the Earth than at any other point in its elliptical orbit.

In the UK this is due to happen around 2-3am and if the skies are clear it will be a truly phenomenal sight, even visible with the naked eye. It will also be visible in America and Africa.

I wish we were in LA still as the Griffin Observatory are hosting a live webcast of its public viewing event, where the observatory will provide binoculars and telescopes for people to watch the eclipse. How amazing would that be!

Lunar occurrences like this can also signify changes in ourselves and the world around us. The Moon is strongly linked to our own feelings, emotions, moods and responses.  The effects of the eclipse can start for a week before or after the actual event so really any time around now.

I have written here about things I like to do when Autumn is drawing close but with the lunar eclipse it is even more vital to look after yourself and those around you as it can make you extra sensitive, as well as not as enthusiastic or as sympathetic as usual.

clumber park

Here are some tips to take extra care of yourself:

  • Keep positive and be kind to yourself
  • Write a list of what you would like to achieve over the next few weeks but make it achievable and manageable.
  • Go for a walk or bike ride if you can as this is a brilliant way to clear your head and give you a boost. At the weekend, we went on a bike ride to Clumber Park (photo above) and the benefits are long lasting. There was also a food and drink festival where we sampled lots of cheese, chocolate brownies and delicious drinks!
  • Cook up some nutritious soups and stews to stave off winter bugs using lots of fresh seasonal vegetables. We love our soup maker, which is completely life changing in my opinion!
  • Give your family a hug (this always makes me feel better)!
  • Remember this time will pass and you will soon feel yourself again.

Do let me know if the lunar eclipse has had any effect/s on you? What kind of things help you when you are feeling a bit out of sorts?


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3 Responses to Autumn equinox and the Lunar Moon: does it affect you?

  1. Globalmouse says:

    It was last night….and I really wanted to set an alarm and get up but am full of coughs and cold so didn’t! Feel really sad to have missed it, especially now I see how rare it was!

  2. I didn’t know about the lunar eclipse next week – thank you for flagging it up.

  3. Granny says:

    What interesting reading, I remember your birth with vivid memories Louise, it was the first time I became a mummy xxxx. Love yiu lots

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