Children love a bit of drawing, sticking, painting etc and it is a fantastic part of their development and to be encouraged. But… with two small children, one at school the other attending nursery for a couple of sessions a week our house is starting to get a little bit full with bits of paper and cardboard creations.. do you know what I mean?

The temptation to put it in the recycling bin is sometimes huge!! But then I don’t want to regret it. Perhaps one day when they are all grown up I will want to dig out these artisitic delights to remind me of the days when they were cute and content to sit with the contents of my recycling bin and a pot of paint designing architectural wonders.

When they were younger, particuarly my first born, he only had to do a scribble on a piece of paper and I would be framing it. I didn’t feel bad about throwing out some of the stuff that you deep down knew had been mainly done by the playgroup helpers however.

But how far do you go with it – keep every colouring book they adorn or every activity magazine they work on?

We had a couple of ideas of things to do if you are in the same position…

  • Take photos of the piece of art in question, ideally with them holding it (see above).
  • Save your very favourite pics, perhaps even laminating them to keep them clean (or is that just me and my laminating obsession!?) and/or framing. This is what I am going to do with a self portrait Ethan did at school (below).
  • Off load to Grandparents, Aunties etc
  • Add it to their toy collection if possible eg peg dolls make great little figures to play with.
  • Turn it into something – mousemats, tshirts, jewellery – kid’s pictures can be transformed into all sorts (I’m sure there is a business idea in here somewhere to be honest!).

Do you have any useful tips of things to do with these precious creations?

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4 Responses to Artistic license – what to do with your children’s artwork?

  1. John says:

    We filled the space under the spare room bed (an old fashioned, “high” bed with a lot of room). About Uni time we cleared some out, with their permission, we still have some!

  2. I wrote about this a while back, I scan everything in and then at the end of the School year back it up to disc and save it in their future box. Some bits I take photos of and add to it too and the special ones I laminate for long term storage (essays etc). I don’t have anything from when I was young, but I don’t want my children to feel they have to keep piles of art work that I’ve lovingly kept for years either!

    • Louise says:

      Thank you for your comment. You sound very organised but a fantastic idea to keep these treasures! x

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