Getting there

We headed off in our car and took the Irish ferries from Holyhead to Dublin and then drove Dublin to Belfast.

We noticed how one minute you see lots of Irish registered cars when in Ireland and then almost suddenly the cars are British registered as you go into Northern Ireland.

Titanic Museum

The museum sits in the dock area of the city pretty much on the site where Titanic was built.

It is an impressive museum which starts with taking you back to Belfast in the 1920s when ship building was the city’s lifeblood. To be building Titanic really was a huge event for the city and thousands turned out for its launch. At the time a lot of Irish people were emigrating to America in search of work and a new life.

The museum takes you through the whole process of how the ship was built through to how it would be to actually be on the ship. There are lots of interactive features and the latest technology, including a film of where the Titanic lies on the ocean floor.

It is also important to remember that the ship is also now a graveyard and so it is a memorial to those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

Outside the museum we popped to a bar and had a pint of the black stuff whilst listening to dine traditional Irish music played by two blokes. It was brilliant!

With your ticket for the museum you also get entry to the ships tender boat. This has had an eventful life since being the actual tender boat that carried the passengers to the Titanic; as a nightclub, restaurant and helping out in wartime. It has been immaculately restored to how it was

Giant’s causeway

Giant’s causeway is a stunning natural phenomena where basalt columns cut out of the sea. Perfect for climbing on!

Of course there is a great tale about a giant called Finn McCool to go with this and all of this is brought to life in the visitors centre run by the National Trust.

The drive from Belfast to Ballintoy along the Antrim coast is full of stunning coastline and beautiful views. We stopped off a couple of times to break up the journey and get some fresh air. There were a few play areas for the kids or just to us to scrabble on.

Carrick-a-Reed Rope bridge

This rope bridge is on the site of what was once a bridge where fishermen would carry their haul across. Then it was a lot more flimsy than the sturdy, reinforced bridge that is there today. It goes from the mainland to a small island where you can see a tiny gushing boat moored up.

It’s a short walk from the car park down a path to the bridge. We went early and there was no queue but I can imagine at busy times there can be quite a wait as only a few people are allowed on the bridge at a time.

The Dark Hedges

If you watched Game of Thrones you will know this as a filming location when Arya Stark was travelling disguised as a boy. It is a beautiful tunnel of trees and very atmospheric.

We then headed to the new Center Parcs at Longford Forest in Ireland and had a relaxing few days after such a busy time exploring! It was all wonderful!

What is your favourite thing to do in Ireland?

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