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It’s a opportunity for women to give their personal perspective and experience on modern motherhood.

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Here are the questions and the all important answers

Did you work before becoming a mum……………….

Yes, I worked most recently as an IT Project Manager for a law firm. I had been working in IT for about 10 years, and before that in various jobs whilst studying. I have hardly stopped working since turning 16! I enjoyed the job although it did require a lot of commitment in terms of travelling about the country, to the different offices, and obviously wasn’t something I could do part time. Before becoming a mum I didn’t really think about how I would juggle this with a baby (or two!)!

What is your current situation………….

Pretty much since I found out I was pregnant with my second child I have not worked (in paid employment!) so that is around three and a half years.

My hubbie works full time in a demanding job and commutes over 60 miles a day so it would have been impossible for us both to have continued with our careers. We have no close family who live near to us so the bulk of childcare is my responsibility. I probably knew this would be the case but the reality of it is pretty demanding.

I have looked for work that would give me a break from the routine and some extra cash but good part time jobs and flexible employers are hard to come by. When it came down to it, it was never worth the hassle of rushing about and expense in childcare that would result. I wonder sometimes how I would take to working for someone else (who isn’t under 5!) now I have been away from the system for so long.

Our eldest child is now at full time school and the younger one goes to nursery for a couple of half days (which we pay for). It is really nice having some time to myself and helps me do jobs that I find difficult to do with the little one about. I can then plan our activities so I devote my time to him when we are together. He starts going more in September when we get the funding and I know I will miss him then!

Freestyle your chance to put your own view across on the subject…………….

I totally agree that society does not value motherhood. Good quality childcare is expensive and flexible working isn’t freely available for parents. It is hard for parents to get the balance right and I feel like my husband misses out on a lot of things.

I do miss working or at least having some balance of work and home but overall I like the fact that I have stayed at home with my children when they have been little, although being a full time mother is not something I would have envisaged doing. It is really hard work at times but when I think about being back at work, I know I have got the more fun option and I do feel very lucky for that as it isn’t an option everyone has. We have definitely missed the extra income (and I have missed having my own money) but as your lifestyle changes when you have children we have made adjustments. I am constantly on the lookout for good buys  and menu plan to avoid food wastage.

Being at home has given me the chance to explore other avenues that I may not have thought about or had the opportunity to try. I have done lots of courses (with childcare included!) through Surestart and now volunteer at their breastfeeding group as a peer support. I have also learnt more about nail art, sugarcraft, making jewellery with wire, crocheting, photoshop and fancy dress! I also have a network of fab, local mums who have become great friends. Blogging has also come a big part of my life and I’ve met a whole community of lovely bloggers through social media. We keep very busy and are never bored!

I would like to return to paid employment at some point although it would ideally have to fit in around school hours and holidays *puts creative head on…. My family will always be my top priority!

Ok so that is me, I would like to tag.. Clare, Peggy and Susan.

Thought of the day …………….. A mothers work is never done!

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4 Responses to A Mother’s work – A Meme

  1. Very thought provoking meme, will write my answer when I have time! I have a great book called The Secret World of the Working Mother by Fiona Millar… but I have never had time to read it all! ha ha.

  2. Susan Mann (@susankmann) says:

    Excellent answers to the questions and a very interesting meme. Thank you for tagging me. x

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for taking part in A Mother’s Work Meme, this is a brilliant response to the meme.

    You are so right, good part-time jobs – i.e. ones that stimulate you and use your skills, as opposed to McJobs – are hard to come by and flexible employers are still sadly in the minority.

    Like you, even though finances are tight and I miss working, I wouldn’t be anywhere other than with my daughter during her early years. They go by too quickly as it is!

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