I read the outcry about the article in the Daily Mail in the blogs and tweets flying about with bemused interest.

Personally, I wish I could be accused of ignoring my children because I am tweeting, blogging or even cleaning the house or making the dinner. Unfortunately there is absolutely no chance they would let me!

If I am even to look at the laptop, thinking maybe just maybe I could do a quick supermarket shop, pay a bill or check a phone number whilst they are quietly playing with the train set, I am shortly jumped upon by (if not two) one small boy vying for my attention. It is nigh on impossible to do much when you have 2 stone of toddler pinning you down! Much the same as if the TV is on, it can be on nothing but Milkshake, Cbeebies or a Disney/Pixar DVD the laptop cannot be on without it entertaining with Cbeebies games or something hilarious to a 4 year old on YouTube.

Needless to say I *try* and save my moments on Twitter for when they are napping (which is rare now my 2nd child approaches 2) or if they really are engrossed in something (happening more often yay!). I know there will come a day when I would love it if they were as enchanted by me as they are now so I need to enjoy it for all its worth.

Is it my children, who see the world revolves around them and anything that may threaten the status quo must be quickly eradicated with their youthful force? Or is it me, who is a complete wimp? Perhaps both. They there only little though and they are very cute but if anyone has any tips to help redress the balance a little, please do let me know!

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